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Factor Investing via ETF – the right direction

Created: 12 Dec 2015

Factor investing has been mainly a domain of relatively large investors that engage asset managers to design a certain strategy and implement it. Large ETF issuers have done a great

Robo Advisers – are they ready ?

Created: 26 Oct 2015

There are still a few questions outstanding: * How does the logic of a Robo Adviser determine a healthy asset allocation for an individual (only after retrieving a few answers

Customized factor investing

Created: 19 Oct 2015

Probably it is not entirely new that large investors make their asset managers incorporate a certain risk appetite and tweak equity factors in their portfolios accordingly. However, would it ...

Size Matters…

Created: 01 Oct 2015

Factor investing: Some analysts already wrote off the size of a firm as a factor to earn higher expected returns. Too early! the size of a firm still matters if

Stock-market turmoil – will you whither or weather?

Created: 30 Sep 2015

As with many surprises in life, people that are well prepared usually fare better during a crisis… Same applies to your stock portfolio – owning a portfolio that you would

September interest rate hike by the FED

Created: 12 Sep 2015

September interest rate hike: Does a rate hike by the Fed in September really matter that much for stock investors? Unlike many comments in the media, the following empirical analysis

“What is an essential predictor for stock performance? – Earnings of the firm!”

Created: 10 Sep 2015

“What is an essential predictor for stock performance? – Earnings of the firm!” is a frequent intuitive answer… the full truth is that the cash-based earnings have a ...