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Loyalty Space

An effort driven by leading players in the high-end F&B business in Singapore to bind customers in a per-invitation-only exclusive customer circle. The motivation is to curate a close and long-lasting tie between valued patrons and their establishment for the years to come. F&B establishments will understand the preferences and habits of their customers better and better and in turn reward their customers with exclusive offerings for key events, business settings taking into account insights derived from big data analysis.

Alpha Advisers played a key role to conceptualize the overall set-up, conduct field studies and derive a coherent approach to build digital media to bind patrons of F&B establishments in the digital age. Beyond deriving a project plan, Alpha Advisers helped to kick-off the implementation phase by selecting design resources, software development sub-contractors and connect with relevant POS service providers.

Alpha Advisors specifically engaged in this cooperation, because of the unique chance to bring top players of the industry together and leverage efforts by project sponsors being high-end restaurants in Singapore and prime F&B establishments with reach in South East Asia.