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Nimble Assets

Nimble Assets (R) – an award winning Fintech in the The French Tech Ticket:

After a rigorous and comprehensive screen process, Alpha Advisers Pte. Ltd. is proud to announce that the French government accepted the business concept “Nimble Assets” as part of the French Tech Ticket competition 2017 (2nd batch). Only 70 international projects among approx. 2700 submissions qualified for this high-profile award program, which provides a grant of EUR 57EUR, incubation and government support out of Paris that would support our study and exploration of the French and European mortgage markets.

The founder received the invitation by the President Hollande to do business in France including team members:


Nimble Assets Concept –


Aspiring Global Leader in Smart Credit for Real-Estate

Nimble Assets, a fintech company established in 2016, is to become a global leader in
digitisation, optimisation and smarter processing of mortgages for real-estate buyers. The company is developing a tech platform, that would deliver a disruptive data driven market platform for buyers of residential homes, to secure competitive financing.

The Mortgage Market is Under Pressure

The new millennials arrived to the age of 25-38 into a world of soaring real-estate prices, choking credit regulation post 2007 and an uncertain future. This next generation of home buyers is the first to consist of “Digital Natives” less trusting of institutions like big banks and vice-versa.
Property agents spend precious time with clients not knowing their buying power. And with interest rates trending towards a 5000 year’s low, banks see their cost ratio’s under scrutiny and margins under pressure, more than ever before.

Solutions Tailored to the Needs of the Various Segments

Nimble Assets, places property buyers in the focus of attention. Optimising their potential and maximising their capability of being approved for an attractive mortgage. So that multiple banks would competitively offer their mortgage products to the buyer. The platform then reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data, and optimise credit supply-demand, using machine learning and data analytics, creating efficiency and value by reducing loan processing times and costs, to the benefit of lenders, agents, sellers and developers.

Large Addressable Market and Big Opportunity Worldwide

Starting with Singapore and France as our test-bed with a market of $0.4Bn/year, France $5.5Bn/ year, Australia $1Bn, UK $8Bn and the US with >$33.7Bn, we estimate a global addressable market size of over $150Bn/year. Our platform offers solutions to three main segments: property buyers, banks (and other lenders) and real estate agents, with the potential to grow vertically in the future, addressing the needs of developers, insurers, government agencies and more…